D-Day Veteran Brings Down House With Joke About Melania’s Beauty


President Trump has a great sense of humor and in that way wins people over. Look, Trump is funny and America likes funny.

Can you imagine Liz Warren or Kamala or anyone desperately trying to be taken seriously debating Trump with their absolute lack of humor?

Trump would crush them because he is funny - all the good one-liners that score huge points in the debates are funny. Hillary was not funny in case you don’t remember how bland and boring she was.


From The Daily Mail: A veteran made a flirtatious remark about the First Lady when the pair met at a D Day 75th anniversary event today.

Thomas Cuthbert, 93, from Elmstead Market, Essex, was charmed by Melania Trump, 49, when they were introduced at a reception in Portsmouth this afternoon.

Speaking to the President about his wife, Mr Cuthbert said: ‘She’s nice, isn’t she?,’ adding: ‘If it wasn’t for you, and if only I was 20 years younger.’

The comment prompted a chuckle from the President, 72, who replied: ‘You could handle it, there’s no question about it,’ while shaking Mr Cuthbert’s hand.

Mr Cuthbert, who was awarded the Legion D’Honneur in 2017 for his role in the landings, was on fine form at the reception. He was seen sharing a joke with the Queen and chatting to Prince Charles about his time in the Navy.

But he appeared particularly taken by Mrs Trump. After his meeting with the President and First Lady, Mr Cuthbert said Mr Trump ‘came across very well.’

He added: ‘He surprised me, when you see someone on the TV but he seemed different, he seemed one of the boys. His wife was very pleasant as well.’

The President told the veteran it was an ‘honour’ to meet him, adding: ‘Thank you very much.’ 

A brief conversation with the Queen ended with the monarch bursting into laughter.

Mr Cuthbert told Her Majesty that he had served in the Navy and was stationed on a landing barge oiler charged with refueling other ships.

After Mr Cuthbert continued his explanation, the Queen quipped: ‘I thought you were going to tell me you had a bomb!, prompting the veteran and those around them to chuckle.



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