Kellyanne’s Husband Attacks Elise Stefanik After Media Outlet Praises Her: “Spectacle of mendacity”


Kellyanne Conway’s husband George reignited his feud with Elise Stefanik by attacking her today after Yahoo ran a piece about Elise.

The Yahoo article goes into detail about Elise’s past and includes much information about her bipartisan success in Congress.

Notably, many Democrats go on record, or ask that their names be withheld, to say that Elise is whip-smart and highly effective.


Even disgraced Katie Hill has some kind words for Elise.

But not George, who attacked Elise via tweet:

“It’s a shame, because @EliseStefanik is smart, and because she’s young, she could have taken a much longer-term view than her colleagues.

She’s going to outlive Trump, and Trumpism, by decades. Imagine if she had done the right thing instead of becoming a spectacle of mendacity?”

From Yahoo:

Trump has certainly noticed. After her first eruption at Schiff on national television, the president declared on Twitter that a “new Republican Star is born.”

He made the same point as the witness testimony concluded in the impeachment inquiry and the House Intelligence Committee prepared to file a report of its findings to the House Judiciary Committee. “

I’ll tell you what, this young woman from upstate New York, she has become a star,” Trump said on “Fox & Friends.”

He had likely seen her primetime interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News the evening before, an appearance during which Stefanik called herself an “outspoken advocate for the facts” who had been maligned by the “Hollywood left.”

Stefanik’s newly harsh rhetoric has left many of her Democratic colleagues stunned. “I was really bummed to see her go the Trump route like this,” says Katie Hill, the former progressive congresswoman from the Los Angeles area.

“She was one of the few that often broke with Trump. I was very surprised.”

Like others who spoke to Yahoo News for this article — most of them on the condition of anonymity — Hill praised Stefanik, who graduated from Harvard University in 2006, as exceptionally intelligent.

And like most of the Democrats asked to explain Stefanik’s transformation, she could not fully account for the decision to side with Trump.



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