George Clooney Announces New Plan To Take Down Trump


George Clooney just announced his new mission in life and it is actually a gift to Trump in disguise.

Clooney, like most Hollywood hot shots, believes they have outsized influence over the American voter.

These guys really think we listen to them for information on our politics…it is an arrogance unmatched in culture today.


The truth is, when Clooney and the gang get behind candidates they typically lose. Quick, can you name any Hollywood celebrity who helped Nancy Pelosi retake the House?

There weren’t around as if by design by the shrewd Pelosi. When Hollywood jumps in people tend to vote the other way - ask Clooney’s dad who lost a close race in Kentucky a few years back.

Give all your money and time in your mission to make Trump a one-termer and if history is a guide, George will just hand him four more years on a silver platter.

From Variety:

“I’m going to stay out of the primaries, [but] I’ll fundraise for anybody that is out there that’s interested in trying to make this president a one-term president.” Clooney told Variety on Tuesday night at the Los Angeles premiere of Hulu’s “Catch-22.”

He continued, “I feel like part of the lessons you learn as you get older is it’s probably best not to commit in a primary, now. At this point in the primary… we have to kind of see who ends up being the nominee so that you can really support them in the general and I think that’s a better move.”

The Oscar winner is confident that President Donald Trump is beatable in 2020. “The narrow edge he took to get there in 2016 has all gone so yes, I do [think he can be beaten],” Clooney said. “We just have to not have third party candidates like [former Starbucks CEO] Howard Schultz.”

“I’m not a fan at all,” he said before pointing out that many politicos believe that President George H. Bush lost his presidency because of Ross Perot and “Ralph Nader took out Al Gore [when] he took out thousands of votes out of Florida and Gore lost by 400. Those have consequences, those kinds of moves.”

Clooney advised, “If [Schultz] wants to run as a Democrat as he says he is then you should run as a Democrat, not try and lead the process before you even got started. So no, I’m not a fan.”



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