AOC Revolts, Starts Coup Against Nancy Pelosi


Nancy Pelosi is desperate. She knows impeaching Trump is a fool’s errand that will only help his reelection.

The liberal and unrealistic wing of her party don’t care, they want to do it because it feels good, not because it is a smart or prudent move.

And it is not just the young wide-eyed Dems like AOC and Ilhan Omar who want to impeach Trump and hand him a huge political victory.


Jerry Nadler just read the riot act to Pelosi over her unwillingness to impeach. But no dem has the megaphone that AOC has and she just revolted against Pelosi.

She is demanding Pelosi start impeachment proceedings or else… From Fox News:

“Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., has called on House Democrats to “move forward” with impeaching President Trump, adding that if they fail to do so it could be viewed as a “politically motivated” decision.

The freshman New Yorker issued the call to arms to members of her party shortly after White House Counsel Don McGahn defied a subpoena and skipped a committee hearing at Trump’s direction.

The move infuriated Democrats and touched off what could be another high-profile battle over holding a Trump official in contempt of Congress.

“Let me be clear, this committee will hear Mr. McGahn’s testimony, even if we have to go to court to secure it,” House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y, said at the beginning of the hearing which McGahn did not attend.

Speaking to reporters from a hallway inside the Capitol, Ocasio-Cortez said members of her party must understand how the decision whether or not to impeach the president will be viewed.

“Just as impeaching without cause could be construed, and is, politically motivated choosing to not impeach when there is an abundance of cause could also be construed similarly,” she said.

Ocasio-Cortez was also asked by CNN’s Manu Raju if Democrats should impeach Trump in the wake of McGahn’s no-show.

“You know, I trust the speaker is taking a measured approach to ensure that we’re moving everyone forward and, you know, being a speaker is hard, holding this party together is a difficult task,” the freshman congresswoman said.

“But I personally think so. I think we have to move forward.”

The development comes one day after a senior House Democrat — speaking on the condition of anonymity — told Fox News that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi could soon be left with no choice but to embrace calls from some within her party to impeach Trump.

The official said, despite Pelosi’s repeated attempt to quell talk of impeaching the president, she “isn’t going to be able to hold off on impeachment much longer.””

From The Federalist Papers: “New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez torched her own Democrat Party on its failure to impeach President Donald Trump.

“It is just as politicized a maneuver to not impeach in the face of overwhelming evidence as it is to impeach w/o cause.

“Congress swore an oath to uphold the Constitution. That includes impeachment,” she said. “We have a duty to preserve our institutions + uphold the rule of law.”

“Just as what happens in the House doesn’t control Senate, what happens in the Senate shouldn’t control the House.

“DoJ outlined ev of 10 criminal instances. Pres is now obstructing legally binding subpoenas. We need to do our job & vote on impeachment. What Sen does is on them,” she said.

“Remember, Clinton was also impeached – that failed in Sen too. Our institutions didn’t suffer then, but they have been damaged greatly today w unwillingness to impeach.

“Whether it’s Dem fear or GOP recklessness, doesn’t matter. Failure to impeach now is neglect of due process,” she said.”



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