Joy Behar Hits New Low With Vicious Attack On Lindsey Graham


Joy Behar just reached a new low with a vicious insult of Lindsey Graham and one wonders if Joy was conservative would she still have a job?

Joy is routinely the first to offer a filthy joke or a below the belt insult, and she did more of the same with Lindsey today on the View.

Trashing Lindsey Graham for being close to Trump is just liberal fantasy and total hypocrisy - this is the exact reason America has turned on backs on such insufferable fools.


From Fox News: “The View” co-host Joy Behar slammed Sen. Lindsey Graham on Monday for aligning with President Trump, saying the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman needs to “find his testicularity.”

Graham, R-S.C., was close friends with the late Sen. John McCain, whose daughter Meghan is a co-host of the ABC News gabfest alongside Behar. Trump has attacked the late senator on a regular basis — including a tweet on Saturday — and Graham defended his old friend, but it wasn’t enough for Behar.

“Lindsey Graham, I have a bone to pick with him,” Behar said. “Lindsey Graham was John McCain’s best friend.”

Meghan interrupted to declare that Joe Lieberman was actually her father’s best friend, to which Behar responded, noting that either way, “they were bros, they were buds.” Behar then read a recent tweet that Graham sent on Sunday defending McCain after he was mocked on Twitter by the president.

“As to @SenJohnMcCain and his devotion to his country: He stepped forward to risk his life for his country, served honorably under difficult circumstances, and was one of the most consequential senators in the history of the body,” Graham wrote. “Nothing about his service will ever be changed or diminished.”

Behar then slammed Graham for not directly condemning Trump in his attempt to defend McCain.

“He does not say the president is out of line, he doesn’t say that it is a ridiculous thing to go after John McCain,” Behar said. “I think that Lindsey Graham is making a huge error right now in believing that this man will ever, ever back him up. Because Lindsey is crawling to the president so that he can get re-elected, and Trump is acting like a sadist towards Lindsey Graham, putting him between a rock and a hard place and saying, ‘OK, bow to me even more now.’”

Behar then said Graham “needs to find his testicularity now and go for it.”



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