Trump’s Deal Of Century For Mideast Leaks And It May Put Trump On Mt Rushmore Yet


President Trump ran as an outsider, a centrist who would be open to any good idea, no matter where it came from.

The American voter loved every word as we had been hoping someone with that message would come along and run and win.

The politicians reacted in horror - they grab power and make their money off dividing people, off playing partisan games at our expense.


It really is all one big scam on the American people - they will scream at each other on Congress’ floor, use the rhetoric to raise money and supporters, but after the lights turn off they drop the act and go out and have drinks with the supposed enemy, no doubts all laughing at how gullible we are.

We aren’t - we just never had a choice before - it was always between dumb (GOP) and dumber (Dems).

Turns out we were right and they were wrong. Trump has already fixed numerous problems our past leaders said were impossible - sending jobs overseas, China horrific theft of our IP, etc.

The list is endless, but that is why we elected Trump - to fix the mess. Now, we don’t know what will happen with this deal of the century, but it looks good and the Arabs fighting Israel would be fools to turn it down.

Also, Trump has key leaders in that region buying in so this could be a huge win for the world.

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results, then the establishment of both political parties is insane.

Look at it this way - if Trump continues to win for the American people - continues to do the impossible -bringing jobs back, fixing China and maybe even solving the Mideast he will be guaranteed a spot on Mt Rushmore.

The left will scream with rage and some in the GOP will do the same but we elected a results-driven president, not a talker and results matter. We were right, they were wrong.

From INN:

A report released Friday morning claims that the soon-to-be released Middle East peace plan drawn up by the Trump administration – dubbed the “Deal of the Century” – includes large-scale resettlement of Palestinian Arabs in Jordan, the ceding of Jordanian territory to Israel, and the formation of a tripartite confederation between Jordan, the Palestinian Authority and Israel’s Civil Administration to administer Judea and Samaria.

According to the report, published by the Beirut-based Al-Akhbar, sources in Jordan and Egypt say that the much-anticipated peace plan would include a broad regional agreement, with a number of Arab states taking an active role in the deal.

Jordan, for instance, will be asked to permanently settle one million Palestinian Arabs currently listed as refugees. Under the plan, according to the Al-Akhbar report, Jordan would first naturalize 300,000 Palestinian Arabs, including those already living in Jordan, which the report said number no more than 200,000.

Details regarding the present location of the remaining 800,000 were not provided in the report.

Similarly, Lebanon will be urged to grant citizenship to all Palestinian Arabs currently living in the country. The roughly 450,000 Palestinian Arabs in Lebanon have largely been denied citizenship by the Lebanese government, which has restricted their rights since their entry in 1948.

Aside from taking in Palestinian Arabs, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan will also be asked to cede to Israel two areas currently leased by the Jewish state.

Naharayim (Al-Baqoura), which straddles the border between northern Israel and northern Jordan, and Tzofar (Al-Ghamr), adjacent to the Arava district of Israel, were leased to Israel following the Israel-Jordan peace treaty in 1994.

According to Friday’s report, both Naharayim and Tzofar would be ceded to Israel.

In exchange for Jordan’s cooperation, the Hashemite Kingdom would be compensated to the tune of roughly $45 billion dollars in foreign grants and funding for various projects. In addition, Saudi Arabia would cede to Jordan territory along the Saudi-Jordanian border roughly equivalent in size to Naharayim and Tzofar.

Jordan would also be asked to form a tripartite confederation with the Palestinian Authority and Israeli Civil Administration in Judea and Samaria, the report claimed – a request Jordan has expressed concerns about.

Egypt would also play a major role in the peace deal, the report claimed, citing Egyptian sources which said American officials have floated the idea of opening up large swathes of the Sinai Peninsula near the Gaza Strip for the establishment of industrial zones for Gaza’s burgeoning population.

While the territories in question would not be annexed to Gaza under the Trump plan, according to the report, Egypt would grant Gazan workers expanded access to portions of the northeastern Sinai.

In exchange – and as part of the effort to develop the industrial zones – Egypt would receive some $65 billion in foreign grants and payments for projects in northern Sinai.



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