Rush Limbaugh Drops Hammer On Cowardly GOP Traitors Refusing To Stick With Trump


Rush Limbaugh just exposed the cowardly members of the GOP who refuse to stick by and others who actively try to subvert them.

Look, we all knew taking on both parties establishment would not be easy. But look at all Trump has accomplished against those odds…and there is more to come.

Pelosi may choose investigations over legislating on infrastructure and other priorities, but she can do nothing when Trump comes home with an amazing deal resetting trade relations with China.


They should all applaud that, and all our allies who quickly do the same once China caves, but heading into a midterm they will try to deny him that win, without a care for the country.

Thankfully guys like Rush will keep calling them out. From The Daily Mail:

Trump took to Twitter on Tuesday night following Limbaugh’s radio interview with Martha MacCallum, where he took aim at Republicans who do not fully support the president, and Democrats who have been ‘unable to defeat’ him.

His words came in the wake of a New York Times op-ed by Joe Lockhart, a former secretary to then President Clinton, who claimed: ‘Republicans today are the party of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson.’

Paraphrasing Lockhart’s words, Limbaugh said: ‘Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, we are not in politics. We are media titans, but we are not in politics.

‘It is the party of Donald Trump right now, and the Republicans that don’t realize that had better get on board,’

Limbaugh added that Lockhart’s remarks were just an example of frustration within the Democrat Party

‘They haven’t been able to ‘defeat me’ in 30 years. They can’t defeat Trump. They haven’t been able to stop him, and I think they are frustrated.

‘They have thrown every weapon they have in their arsenal at Donald Trump, and nothing’s worked.

Things they’ve used over the years that have been readily available to get rid and take out any Republican they want, they have bounced off of Trump,’ 

He also took aim at the Republicans for not standing behind Trump and celebrating his ‘victory’ when the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report was released last week.

He blamed that on the fact that certain Republican figures were also part of the Washington establishment along with Democrats.

‘Where’s the Republican party with the celebratory emails to their voters? Even fund-raising, or just celebrating the victory, where are they? You don’t hear them.

‘The reason is, Martha, because this is a battle not between two parties, this is a battle between the Washington establishment and the deep state,

‘I call them the administrative state, and outsiders and Americans who feel disenfranchised or unattached,’ Limbaugh said.



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