Brett Kavanaugh Shuts Down Lawyer Pelosi Sent To Supreme Court To Argue Key Case


The left is terrified they are about to get outfoxed by Trump again but this time with lasting consequences.

First, it must be noted that Pelosi and the Democrats have zero proof that Trump adding a citizenship question to the census would have any effect.

But still they hysterically scream the sky is falling - remember peak oil? The Russian collusion hoax?

So most court observers were a bit stunned when Pelosi sent one of her lawyers to argue against Trump, but thankfully no conservative judges fell for it with Brett Kavanaugh leading the charge to follow the rule of law, not the whims of Democrats.

From The Federalist Papers: In an unusual arrangement, the Democratic-led House of Representatives was given time to argue against adding the citizenship question.

A lawyer for the House thanked the justices for the privilege, on behalf of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

“Tell her, she’s welcome,” said Roberts, smiling.

The case is Department of Commerce v. New York (18-966). A ruling is due by late June, and the deadline is tight, to ensure the census forms — whether amended or not — are printed and distributed in time.

The court heard arguments in the case on Tuesday and, based on what the justices said, many believe the conservative majority is going to side with President Trump, Fox News reported.

“The principal purpose is to count the population, but we’ve had demographic questions on the census,” Chief Justice John Roberts said. “Sex, age, things like that.”

“What jumps out is the fact that citizens and non-citizens differ in a lot of respects other than citizenship,” Justice Samuel Alito said.

“They differ in socioeconomic status. They differ in education. They differ in language ability,” he said.

“So I don’t think you have to be much of a statistician to wonder about the legitimacy of concluding that there is going to be a 5.1 percent lower response rate because of this one factor,” he said.

“Why doesn’t Congress prohibit the asking of a citizenship question in the same way that Congress has explicitly provided that no one can be compelled to provide religious information?” Justice Brett Kavanaugh said.

“The statute that Congress has passed gives huge discretion to the [Commerce] secretary how to fill out the form, what to put on the form,” he said.

In other words; If you don’t like it, pass a new law, otherwise, be quiet.


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