Rashida Tlaib Viciously Rips Nancy Pelosi As Dems Tear Themselves Apart


The Democrats are desperate as Trump keeps beating them at every turn. Pelosi, ever a political realist, knows the radicals in her party threaten its majority in Congress as well as any shot at beating Trump.

But she must walk a fine line between trashing these upstart Democrats and keeping them close as she tries to take down Trump.

But that is harder than it appears. From The Daily Caller:


Democratic Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib claims she and other progressive Democrats are “ignored’ by the party’s leadership who use them as diversity props in photo ops. She tweeted Saturday that the party should “never silence us.”

Tlaib said that “[The Party Leadership] put us in photos when they want to show our party is diverse. However, when we ask to be at the table, or speak up about issues that impact who we are, what we fight for & why we ran in the first place, we are ignored. To truly honor our diversity is to never silence us.”

Tlaib was responding to a tweet that suggested the “attacks on @IlhanMN and subsequent lack of support from Democratic leadership continues to prove that this system was never meant for us.”

The attacks on Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar have recently focused on her description of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks as being a case where “somebody did something.” Omar made the remarks at a Council on American-Islamic Relations conference.

Tlaib was quick to defend Omar’s comments, claiming her words were taken out of context and that criticism was “racist.”

“Taking it out of context, this is just pure racist act by many of those, hateful acts, by those because she does speak truth, when it talks about different issues that they don’t disagree with,” Tlaib said. “I’m really outraged.”



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