Man Arrested For Attacking Trump At NRA Convention (Video)


Some clown in the audience at Trump’s NRA speech was stuffed and cuffed after trying to attack Trump with a phone.

In a scene reminiscent of George Bush ducking the infamous shoe in Iraq, as Trump took the stage for the NRA convention, a man hurled a phone that missed Trump but not by much.

Phones are heavy and solid and when thrown with speed easily could so serious damage to a person.


This guy tried to use his phone as a weapon, plain and simple. A direct hit could knock someone out, beak a nose, concuss the victim, or even cause the victim to lose an eye… this is serious stuff.

From The UK Sun: Donald Trump was targeted with a mobile phone which had been hurled at him as he addressed a gun supporters’ rally.

 The handset was seen being thrown from the crowd who gathered at a National Rifle Association (NRA) conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, as the President strolled on to patriotic rock music. As it hurtles through the air as Trump apparently notices it coming his way.

 When it lands you can see him glance over. It is understood the culprit was located and hauled away by police and was taken into custody.

Whoever they are and whatever their motive, they were clearly a bad shot as it missed him by a margin.

Later in a strange twist, Trump hurls a pen into the crowd after bombastically announcing that the United States will drop out of the Arms Trade Treaty signed during the Obama administration.

 At the meeting Trump vowed to fight for gun rights and implored members of the group struggling to maintain its influence to rally behind his re-election bid.

 Speaking to the group for his third straight year, Trump declared himself a “champion for the Second Amendment.”

 “It’s under assault,” he said of the constitutional right to bear arms.

 “But not while we’re here.”

 And Trump told the thousands in the crowd: “You better get out there and vote,” saying of the 2020 election, “It seems like it’s a long ways away. It’s not.”



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