Jeff Sessions Breaks Silence On Mueller Report, Smacks Adam Schiff


Jeff Sessions is finally breaking his silence on the Mueller investigation he took so much heat for recusing from.

Mueller came up empty as we all know by now, but Sessions had been oddly quiet as it did vindicate his decision to follow the rules.

Today he is talking and he just embarrassed Adam Schiff and the rest of the Democrats who refuse to accept Mueller’s findings.


From CNN: Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Wednesday that the Justice Department’s handling of the special counsel’s Russia investigation “deserves respect” and that it’s time for the country to move on.

“The process was followed and a decision has now been rendered, and I think it deserves respect,” he said at Amherst College in Massachusetts Wednesday night, according to the Boston Globe. “I think it’s about time to accept the results, and let’s get on with the business of America.”

Sessions argued that the 22-month-long special counsel investigation, which concluded in March, was conducted “vigorously and with integrity.”

“Special Counsel Bob Mueller is a very experienced prosecutor,” Sessions said, according to the college’s newspaper, the Amherst Student. “He well knew that his work would be watched, reviewed and criticized. He knew that his integrity was on the line when he accepted the job … It was a vigorously conducted investigation, you can be sure. Some may say it was excessive; I say it was complete and thorough.”

Jeff was speaking at Amherst college and he tackled the elephant in the room - liberal intolerance in a brave way.

From The Boston Globe:

“There is a big problem nationwide, in my opinion, of excessive leftist aggressive thoughts on campus and not enough balance,” he said.

Sessions encouraged conservative students to make their views heard and criticized Amherst for not having any conservative professors.

“Too often the school is favoring the heckler’s disruption tactics over the speaker’s First Amendment rights,” he said.

His speech came after a tumultuous semester at Amherst that forced students and the administration at the college to confront the boundaries of free speech and political correctness. Given the context of the speech, his remarks seemed all the more relevant.

The event was organized by the Amherst College Republicans in conjunction with Young America’s Foundation, a national conservative youth organization.

Ahead of the speech, Amherst president Biddy Martin told the school in an e-mail that the college, somewhat reluctantly, would welcome Sessions to campus.

“I believe we owe it to ourselves, despite cynical efforts to put us in a defensive posture, to protect the right to expression, even or especially when it hurts to do so, as long as there is no imminent threat of violence or incitement to it,” she wrote last week in an e-mail.



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