Jason Chaffetz Just Busted James Comey Lying Under Oath


Jason Chaffetz just hit James ‘showboat’ Comey with the worst kind of bad news. Chaffetz went on Sean Hannity’s show last night and revealed that Comey lied under oath.

Wow, this is an explosive charge to say the least and could send James Comey scurrying to a jail near you.

Chaffetz wants a special prosecutor, and he wants justice done, and he wants it sooner rather than later. Look, we must have one set of rules for everyone, we cannot continue to have a justice system for the haves and one for the have nots.


From Fox News: Congressman, we start with you tonight. Good to see you both. Your reaction, not only to this, also to the new Steele’s - what now we see in Steele’s testimony and what we learned in Ohr’s testimony, in Page’s testimony and Strzok’s testimony and McCain’s aide testimony, this is now beginning to crumble.

JASON CHAFFETZ, R-UT, FORMER CONGRESSMAN: Look, the fix is in from the beginning. I was the Chairman of the Oversight Committee. We were trying to dig deep into this. We were stonewalled. We were obstructed. They kept telling us don’t worry about it.

Then James Comey, once he made this announcement, came and testified before Congress. You go line-by-line by that. I’m telling you, there are things that he said under oath that are flat-out lies that have been discredited. Mr. Comey should be held accountable for this. He should be prosecuted for what he did.

HANNITY: Wait a minute.


HANNITY: Wait a minute. He signed off on the FISA-


HANNITY: -verifying the dossier is true. McCabe, no dossier, no FISA. Then he’s telling Trump it’s unverified a few months later. Did he lie to the FISA judges?

CHAFFETZ: Yes, he did lie to the FISA judges. And he also lied to the Oversight Committee under oath when he came and told us, “Oh, it was unanimous. It was unanimous that we didn’t want to charge her.” Meanwhile, we come to find out it was really-

HANNITY: James Becker (ph).

CHAFFETZ: -somebody pulling the strings at the Department of Justice. And this is where Congress needs to hold them accountable and the people have to keep demanding-

HANNITY: And that would start with- (CROSSTALK)

CHAFFETZ: -that they get to the bottom of this.

HANNITY: -lynch. Now that we know Loretta Lynch was up to her eyeballs in rigging this, what should now happen to her?

CHAFFETZ: Look, I do believe there should be either a special prosecutor put in place to look at the malfeasance that was happening within the Department of Justice and within the FBI. I’ve been calling for that for months. If they - if you can warrant to go after Donald Trump, then you look at what’s going on the senior-most echelon at the Department of Justice, and that far exceeds anything that was even an allegation in the Trump situation.

HANNITY: Kayleigh?

KAYLEIGH MCENANY, TRUMP 2020 CAMPAIGN NATIONAL PRESS SECRETARY: Yeah, that’s exactly right. The fix was in from the get-go. We learned from Lisa Page this week that, in fact, there was an insurance policy against President Trump. We learned that from Peter Strzok’s text again verified by Lisa Page’s testimony there. And this is striking, Sean. I mean, this is corruption at the highest order. We have to stand against it. And you compare that to the way Hillary Clinton has been treated, it’s outrageous. This has been a witch hunt from the beginning.

And I would finally add, Andrew Weissmann also stepping down from the Special Counsel this week. Why was this guy there to begin with, who cost 20,000 people their jobs and was unanimously rebuked by the Supreme Court?

HANNITY: Congressman, where is Horowitz? Where is Huber? He’s in your home state. What are these guys doing? Why is this taking so long?

CHAFFETZ: So, Horowitz is the Inspector General for the Department of Justice. He’s been working on this for nearly a year. I do have some belief that it’ll take another month or two. They buried him in more than a million types of documents. But ultimately, I think he will be the key authority on this. He has looked at it and seen it much further and wider than anybody else. It’s never fast enough, Sean. It’s never, ever fast enough.

Huber, who’s the U.S. attorney in Utah that was appointed by Sessions, overlooked some of this stuff, have absolutely no idea what he’s doing. I haven’t heard word one. And most concerning is that the witnesses that were put forward by Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan, encouraged them to talk. They’ve never even been interviewed. So we can tell that he’s making no progress-

HANNITY: Are you confident - and I’ll ask Kayleigh first. I’ll ask the same question. Are you confident, Kayleigh, I think the dam now is broken. Now that it’s soaked (ph) and we’re going to the get the FISA applications and we’re going to get the Gang of Eight info. And we’re going to get the 302s. We’re going to get the five buckets that John Solomon always talks about.

MCENANY: Absolutely. We’re going to get all of that, Sean. I’m confident that America is waking up to this. You’ve been on this from the very beginning on your show. The Mueller report is about to come out. We’re going to find no collusion, no wrongdoing on the part of the President. Zero probable cause to open an investigation into the President after millions of pages of documents reviewed. And you were right all along. We should have been looking at the FBI and the DOJ under Obama.

HANNITY: Do you believe in your heart, Congressman, with all we now know and - this - we’re now going to have a cascade of new information in the days and weeks ahead that those people that tried, that first rigged the investigation into Hillary, tried to fix a Presidential campaign in this country and rigged the outcome, and tried to bludgeon the winner and undo that election with known lies, they were warned in August of 2016. Will they be held accountable?

CHAFFETZ: I would like to tell you, yes, Sean, in my heart of heart, I don’t believe so. But I think the American people figured it out.


CHAFFETZ: And that’s why Hillary Clinton is not the President of the United States.

HANNITY: So the people that rigged it, we now know they rigged the investigation, they’re going to get away with that.

CHAFFETZ: I wish I could tell you yes. If it was up to you and me and John Ratcliffe and Trey Gowdy and other - Jim Jordan, yes, they would be in jail.

HANNITY: Well, then we might as well-

CHAFFETZ: But that’s not the way it’s going to work. These people are going to walk. And I-

HANNITY: We might as well shred the Constitution then. We might as well say there’s no equal justice or application of our laws?

CHAFFETZ: I agree with you. It drives me nuts. That’s why I’m on this network night-after-night talking about it. That’s why I was in Congress, pounding my fist, demanding it.

HANNITY: I know. You’ve done a great job.

CHAFFETZ: And I’ve got to tell you, they have got to prosecute these people. F

HANNITY: We’ll see. I am hearing that more is happening than we know. I hope my source is right. So far, we haven’t been wrong.

When we come back, more fallout over the college admissions scam. You won’t believe what else we’re learning. Today we’ll have those developments and our Villain of the Day. This is fascinating. Straight ahead.



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