Trump Fans Line Up For Campaign Kickoff 40 Hours Before Rally Sending MessageTo Joe Biden


The polls were historically wrong in 2016. They all said Trump was doomed. They were wrong. Trump won and the polls are making the same mistake again.

So are the Democrats, who cannot get out of their own way, who look disorganized with their own low-energy candidate leading them.

Trump’s numbers and supporters have been remarkably resilient - his numbers today mirror his numbers from the beginning and are pretty much the same as when he won.


From Fox News:

 Supporters of President Trump already have started lining up outside Orlando’s Amway Center for the president’s official re-election campaign kickoff rally – more than 40 hours before the event is scheduled to start.

In a scene befitting a “Star Wars” premiere or new iPhone launch, Orlando-area media were reporting that the first Trump supporters began camping outside the arena as early as 2:30 a.m. Monday for Trump’s rally slated to start at 8 p.m. on Tuesday.

“There’s going to be a bunch of people, and it’s going to be pretty intense,” Gary Beck, who was the first person in line on Monday morning, told local media. “The electricity is going to be high. It’s time for America to get back on its feet and be made better than it’s ever been before.”

The president tweeted on Monday morning that his campaign has received more than 100,000 ticket requests for the event in an arena that only holds 20,000 people.

“Big Rally tomorrow night in Orlando, Florida, looks to be setting records,” Trump tweeted. “Our Country is doing great, far beyond what the haters & losers thought possible - and it will only get better!”

And the Trump campaign on Monday afternoon highlighted the reports of early birds lining up for the rally.

“I’ve seen it first-hand. These amazing supporters truly do camp out from Orlando, FL to 40-degree Green Bay, WI,” Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany tweeted, in response to an apparent supporter saying they flew from Boston to Orlando for the event and already are seeing an “amazing” number of people “lined up” with tents.

This is Trump’s first visit to Orlando since 2016 when he came to the city as part of his “Thank You Tour” following his election.

He last visited the broader Orlando area last October to speak at the International Association of Chiefs of Police at the Orange County Convention Center.



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