Sean Hannity Silences Jim Acosta In Feud Over New Book


Sean Hannity just humiliated Jim Acosta. Jim has a new book out to cash in on his infamy as a thorn in the side of Trump.

Hannity went after Acosta many times over the last two years, remember Acosta admits he showboats, and Jim brings up his hurt feelings in his new book.

Sean Hannity was not having Acosta’s whines and attempts to use Sean to boost book sales and shut him down with brutal efficiency.


Fox News host Sean Hannity and CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta traded Twitter jabs on Friday over Acosta’s new book, “The Enemy of the People.”

“Hearing Sean Hannity is taking some shots at me over my book,” Acosta tweeted Friday. “Two things Sean… #1 I offered to come on your show and talk about the book and you guys declined. Sad! #2 you’re in the book. It was that time you had a chance to say something to my face but didn’t. Enjoy!”

The “shots” Acosta mentions in his tweet presumably refer to an article published on the Fox News host’s website Thursday that pokes fun at the CNN White House correspondent for a sparsely attended “surprise” book signing appearance at a Virginia Barnes and Noble store Wednesday.

“ALL BY HIMSELF: Jim Acosta Makes ‘Surprise’ Bookstore Appearance, No One Shows Up,” the headline read.

The book includes a paragraph accusing Hannity and fellow Fox News host Tucker Carlson of ignoring him on a press bus.

Before long, we boarded the press buses for the main event, the Trump-Putin joint news conference. As I set foot on the bus, I immediately spotted two of my biggest critics: Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, Trump’s chief propagandists at Fox, were seated on the bus, too.

And you know what? After all their attacks on me during their prime-time “state TV” programs, they didn’t say a word to me. You’d think they would have had something to say to my face, but their fauxmacho man bullshit, as it turns out, seems to stop at the doors at the Fox News headquarters.

In a post that included a link to the Mediaite story about the book quote, Hannity responded: “It’s true Fake News Acosta’s reps have BEEN BEGGING to be on the #1 show on Cable News & 618 Of the top Talk Radio stations. Sorry, I won’t subject my audience to conspiracy theory fake news. Go hawk that garbage on the lowest rated cable channel [you] work for.”

On his Friday radio show, the Fox News host briefly addressed the controversy during a broader conversation with GOP Rep. Andy Biggs.

“[Acosta] writes about it today because he’s trying to get our attention,” Hannity said before addressing his Twitter response. “Why would I ever subject people to more of this garbage considering that’s what you get from 99% of the media?”

The Fox News host later said, “I don’t remember seeing [Acotsa] in Helsinki,” though a producer brought up an instance when the Fox News host bought drinks and addressed a group of CNN employees during the Finland trip.

“When I see people, I tend to be nice to them,” Hannity responded.



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