Broadway Play ‘Hillary and Clinton’ Flops, Closes Early


The Hillary Clinton brand is toxic and for good reason.  Bill and Hillary Clinton went out on a speaking tour this year and flopped in many locations.

They were basically giving tickets away to the dynamic duo’s performances. Now, Hillary gets more bad news as a play called ‘Hillary Clinton’ just closed on Broadway due to lack of ticket sales.

From The Hill: A Broadway play with lead characters based on Bill and Hillary Clinton will close a month early on Sunday due to low ticket sales, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


“Hillary and Clinton,” which stars Laurie Metcalf and John Lithgow as alternate-universe versions of Hillary and Bill Clinton, was set to close July 21 but will end its run early after 37 previews and 77 regular performances, according to the publication.

The play depicts a fictional conversation between the two during the 2008 primary season in a New Hampshire hotel room, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

It will become the third play produced by Scott Rudin during the 2018-19 theater season to end its run prematurely, following his productions of Shakespeare’s “King Lear” and “Gary: A Sequel to Titus Andronicus,” according to the publication.

While Metcalfe was nominated for a Tony Award for the performance, she lost to Elaine May for her performance in “The Waverly Gallery” earlier this month.



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