Trump Declares National Emergency Over Threat, Fires Shot Heard Round The World


President Trump just fired the shot literally heard around the world. He just declared a national emergency over threats from China specifically the 5G threat from Huawei and sent a clear message to all our allies.

For anyone that says sending our manufacturing base over to China was harmless, show them this.

Explain to them that Trump had to take this tough action specifically because we barely make this equipment here anymore. In other words, making stuff in America is a national security issue.


Can you imagine how different the outcome of WW2 would have been if we had no factories to turn to military uses? This is another example of how our past leaders failed us and Trump is fixing the mess.

This is a direct threat to our allies who are considering using Huawei in their cellular systems.

China’s products are much cheaper so Europe and others are seriously considering adding Huawei to their infrastructure.

In short, because we let China make everything in the world and crush the competition because Obama wanted Apple to make a few extra billion, we face a worldwide security threat.

If our allies use Huawei they will be cut off from us, so this is a big problem.

From CNBC: President Donald Trump on Wednesday declared a national emergency over threats against American technology, the White House said.

The move, done via executive order, is expected to precede a ban on U.S. firms doing business with the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei. Trump has pushed allies around the world not to adopt the company’s next generation 5G network technology. The order itself does not refer to Huawei directly.

In a statement, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders wrote that the administration will “protect America from foreign adversaries who are actively and increasingly creating and exploiting vulnerabilities in information and communications technology infrastructure and services in the United States.”

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai celebrated the order. In a statement, Pai said the move was a “significant step toward securing America’s networks.”

The announcement comes as the U.S and China remain locked in a trade dispute and could escalate tensions between the world’s two largest economies.

From The Guardian:

Donald Trump on Wednesday signed an executive order declaring a national emergency and barring US companies from using telecommunications equipment made by firms posing a national security risk, paving the way for a ban on doing business with China’s Huawei Technologies Co, Reuters writes.

The news agency had reported yesterday that Trump was expected to take action on the long-awaited proposal this week.

The executive order invokes the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, which gives the president the authority to regulate commerce in response to a national emergency that threatens the United States.

The order directs the Commerce Department, working with other government agencies, to draw up a plan for enforcement.



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