Mitt Romney Stabs Trump In Back On Key Judicial Nominee


Senator Mitt Romney just did his best impersonation of the ever spinless Jeff Flake. Mitt, eager to run again as soon as he can figure out a way to get past Trump, just stabbed Trump in the back probably to hasten his plan.

Look, Mitt wants to have it both ways, he wants the media to love him as a Republican who can stand up to Trump. It serves his ego and his next campaign.

But without Trump, he wouldn’t have his Senate seat, which he forgets. In other words, he is the worst kind of political fraud.


It is all for show, to be sure, but it does do real damage because the media runs the stupid soundbite and reputations get ruined.

Romney’s ego gets its hero worship, but the public falsely believes that Trump is picking bad judges.

It is not true and Romney should be ashamed. He will lose when he runs again too - he outsourced too many jobs at Bain Capital to ever get elected in a nationwide election or win a primary in the new America first GOP.

From Big League Politics: Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) voted against confirming a conservative justice to the federal bench earlier today because the man had sharply criticized former President Barack Hussein Obama in 2011.

Michael J. Truncale was ultimately confirmed as the United States District Judge for the Eastern District of Texas by a 49-46 margin, but no thanks to Romney who was the lone GOP defector joining with the Democrats to vote against Trump’s judicial pick.

Truncale had called Obama an “un-American imposter” in 2011, something considered verboten to a man of Romney’s establishment prestige.

“I made many of the comments referred to herein in my capacities as a candidate for the United States Congress or as a political commentator. As a judicial nominee, it would be inappropriate for me to offer comments on any political matters.” Truncale said in a response to written questioning from Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA).

Truncale has also served as a whistle-blower against voter fraud. He testified before the Senate last year that he rejected fraudulent ballots while serving as an election judge in Texas.

“I was once an election judge and had people from other states come by wanting to vote and I denied their ballot because they weren’t even Texans, or properly registered, so I’ve seen that,” Mr. Truncale said.

Romney did not seem to care about Truncale’s consistent record of constitutional fidelity, but was instead more concerned with grandstanding against the President. In his typically self-serving manner, Romney rushed to the fake news shortly after making his vote to virtue signal to the opposition media.

“He made particularly disparaging comments about President Obama. And as the Republican nominee for president, I just couldn’t subscribe to that in a federal judge,” Romney said to Politico. “This was not a matter of qualifications or politics; this was something specifically to that issue as a former nominee of our party.”

Perhaps if Romney had shown as much gumption as Truncale did when running against Obama in 2012, he wouldn’t have lost in such embarrassing fashion and doomed the U.S. to four more years of socialism and racial division.



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