Carly Fiorina Stabs Trump In Back, Gives Gift To Dems


Carly Fiorina is jealous and still hurt from her epic defeat to Trump. Trump took on the entire GOP establishment and did something amazing - showed them how to actually win an election.

Carly lost quite a few in her day, as well as driving a few businesses into the ground. She was an has been, as were many in the GOP establishment who saw a grim future ahead.

Trump completely turned the tables, stole the rust belt from the Democrats, rewrote the political map for a generation (to say nothing of the courts) and absolutely saved the GOP.


Carly should show some respect. She told the Dailywire:

“Well, first let me say, one of the things I learned in my brief time in law school is that lawyers can disagree, and apparently a lot of lawyers disagree about this.

I’m not a lawyer, but as a citizen reading this report I found the report — first of all, you’re right, and Mueller is very clear in this report that he sets a very high bar. It’s called criminal conduct, that’s a very high bar to have to clear. I would also say the report is carefully and precisely written.

I would say that Trump is not exonerated. I would also say Trump did not fully cooperate, but more to the point - the Russian interference, that volume of the report is stunning and shocking, and the fact that we are not having a conversation in this country about how to prevent that from happening again is really dereliction of duty I think, honestly. And the fact that both Republicans and Democrats, in fairness, have taken that as a political issue, it’s not a political issue.

The “sweeping, systemic,” I’m quoting as you know — the “sweeping, systemic” interference in our elections by the Russians is now a political football, and it should not be.

Do you remember when Republicans were so upset because President Obama whispered to President Medvedev and said, “I’ll have more flexibility after the election.”

And Republicans went up in arms “oh my gosh!” Of course, the FBI had to investigate the hints that they were given; there was a lot there, and we should be shocked by what has been uncovered, and alarmed.

I would also say that in volume two, I accept I’m not a lawyer, it wasn’t criminal conduct, but this is not the way a President of the United States and his staff should be behaving. My question is if it were a Democrat doing this, what would Republicans be saying?

See here’s the thing about principles, they’re sometimes inconvenient. And if a principle is right when it’s a Democrat in the White House, then that principle remains right when a Republican is in the White House.

I think the Republican Party, the Democrat Party too, has to kind of get focused on “what are our principles?”

And I think our principles, as a conservative, are power concentrated, is power abused, decision-making has to be dispersed, huge bureaucracies have to be reformed, people closest to the problem know best how to solve them, and that definitely doesn’t mean people in Washington, D.C. — it means people in cities and communities and families and businesses, and we are a long way from those principles.”



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