New FBI Documents Reveal Depths Of Hillary Clinton’s Corruption


The FBI just released some bombshell new documents about Hillary Clinton and her cronies.

The new documents referenced a lost ‘smoking gun’ and say some data from her server made it onto the dark web.

Wow. From The Federalist Papers:


The FBI has quietly unveiled new documents related to the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and it is a bombshell.

The documents show how there are direct ties to the Russia investigation and how there was a plan to plunder a fortune from Libya after the government was destabilized.

“New docs from FBI vault: FBI concludes Hillary Clinton was in “violation of basic server security” w/ home-brew server.

“Discusses possibility that *all* of her emails were stolen. Review found HRC stripped classification of highest possible level,” Jordan Schachtel reported.

“This part is INSANE. Sidney Blumenthal attempted to leverage his relationship with Hillary to get her to hand over a classified intelligence file that contains a ‘roadmap’ to a $30 billion fortune,” he said.

“More: Sensitive targeting data from Hillary Clinton’s server somehow made its way onto the dark web. Wow. What a total shitshow.

“The FBI described one excel spreadsheet, with classified markers that may have been removed yet again, as a potential ‘smoking gun document.’

“Another blistering rebuke of Sid Blumenthal. FBI says he was motivated to score a contract with his private intel group. They don’t buy his memos as legit intelligence.

“Remember: Hillary Clinton was one of the primary instigators for the overthrow of Gaddafi,” he said in a tweet.

“FBI says a redacted name who has a ‘controversial history with the US intelligence community’ was working with Blumenthal and a team of former IC operatives to attempt to cash in on these ‘plundered assets’ in Libya. Any ideas who this individual is?

“It is VERY likely that this redacted person is Cody Shearer (Idk why he’s redacted, though). Remember: Shearer worked with the same network on the Trump-Russia dossier,” he said.



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