Tucker Carlson Reminds Omar What America Gave Her In Rebuke Heard Round The World


It is a tragedy that Tucker Carlson even had to devote air time on his show to set the record straight.

It is a tragedy that Ilhan Omar would even say such horrible things about America and it certainly should enter the immigration debate.

Look, every single immigrant group that came here has faced some discrimination and tough times.

The Irish, the Germans, the Italians, the Indians, the Mexicans all of them faced hardships but assimilated rapidly and never looked back.

Because America is by the far the most generous and most free nation in the world where dreams and miracles like Omar’s life story come true. Omar said about America:

“It’s an everyday assault. Every day, a part of your identity is threatened, demonized, and vilified. Trump is tapping into an ugly part of our society and freeing its ugliness.”

“It’s been a challenge to try to figure out how to continue the inclusion; how to show up every day and make sure that people who identify with all the marginalized identities I carry, feel represented,” she continued.

“It’s transitioning from the idea of constantly resisting to insisting in upholding the values we share — that this is a society that was built on the idea that you could start anew. And what that celebrates is immigrant heritage.”

Enter Tucker Carlson.  Tucker said:

“Have you heard a lot recently about how Ilhan Omar doesn’t like Israel and that’s definitely true. She does not like Israel.

But you’ve probably heard next to nothing about how Omar does not like this country. It doesn’t bother anything anybody. It should. This is what Omar told Vogue Arabia, she described living in the United States as quote an everyday assault. America is so racist and hateful, she says, that she feels, quote: Threatened, demonized and vilified every day.

It’s difficult for her to even go to work. In many ways things were easier growing up in a refugee camp in Kenya she says quote when you are a kid and raised all black all Muslim environment nobody really talks to us about your identity. You just are. There is freedom in knowing that you are accepted as your full self, unquote.

That freedom Omar says doesn’t exist in America. So pause and think about that for a second.

Omar’s country collapsed as a child. She lived for years in Kenya in a refugee camp. She may have died there without outside help. But help came from where? From here, America. And this country didn’t just welcome Ilhan Omar to America, we paid to relocate her family and many others from a foreign continent purely for the sake of being good people.

Because no country in history has been as generous as we are. To places we have no ties to and no obligation we have been kind anyway because that’s who we are.

Despite her humble and foreign birth, Omar has been elected to our national law-making body. Good for her.

How does she repay her adopted country the one that literally saved her life? She attacks it as hateful and racist and for that she is applauded by our Democratic Party.

But is that what is best for America? Here is another suggestion we should think about. Maybe our immigration system should prioritize people who actually like this country and are grateful to be here.

Why wouldn’t we do that? Tucker asked.


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