Sean Hannity Busts Adam Schiff Colluding With Russia, Officially Ends His Reign Of Terror


Sean Hannity is done playing games with the hapless and overmatched Adam Schiff.  Look, this is what the media will not tell you - most of the Russia Trump BS came from leaks from Congress.

Trump and his team cooperated, like none before, and even waived executive privilege in many cases. Which is not what a guilty man does.

Now, Mueller and his team did not leak. So the only people with access to sensitive documents and information about the investigation are the folks in Congress.


And what Schiff and his team did was selectively leak information, without context, that gave the media a story they could not resist.

You can’t really blame the media when Schiff and his team, or whomever, fed them little breadcrumbs they had to follow.

It was all to damage Trump and the GOP. Enter Sean Hannity. Who just exposed him as a fraud and officially ended his reign of terror. Imagine, all this time Adam did the exact same things as the Trump team did when first contacted by Russians offering dirt…

From The Washington Examiner: During an interview on Hannity’s evening program, House Intelligence ranking member Devin Nunes, R-Calif., talked up his new $150 million lawsuit against the McClatchy Company and others for allegedly conspiring with a political operative to hinder his investigative work into Hillary Clinton and Russian interference. To all the people who “lied” and “defamed,” Nunes said, “We are going to come after you.”

Hannity suggested “cowardly” Schiff be added to the list, before saying, “I have a dossier on Schiff.”

As Nunes explained he can’t sue Schiff, Hannity divulged how he has offered Schiff a chance to appear on his shows and be confronted by his own words.

“I have him in his own words documented. I offered him three hours on radio and one hour here,” Hannity said. “I got a tape of him colluding with a Russia, or somebody believed to be a Russian that had compromising materials of naked pictures of Trump. He was hyperventilating on the phone call and didn’t know it was a hoax.”

He appeared to be referencing Schiff being pranked by Russian comedians who offered nude photos of Trump during an April 2017 phone call. Although a spokesman for Schiff claimed the congressman knew it was “bogus” and informed law enforcement, the Daily Mail reported that a member of Schiff’s staff continued correspondence with the pranksters via email, seeking the damaging material on Trump.

Last year Hannity played a clip of Russian pranksters Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov, better known as Vovan and Lexus, claiming to Schiff that they had compromising images of a “naked” Trump.

Schiff’s insistence on there being collusion has become a flashpoint between Democrats and Republicans, particularly after special counsel Robert Mueller submitted his final report last month. Mueller did not establish that there was conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin, according to a summary from Attorney General William Barr.

In a tremendous move to display their frustration, all of the House Intelligence Committee Republicans called on Schiff to resign as chairman last month because they had “no faith” in his leadership given his repeated assertion there was “more than circumstantial evidence” that Trump colluded with Russia.



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