New Leaks Reveals Dirt Mueller Discovered On Bill Clinton But Bill Barr Redacted


In an absolutely stunning turn of events, a skeleton just crawled out of Bill Clinton’s closet and straight into the Mueller report.

In an ironic twist, Trump will find very amusing, it turns out the Russians had Bill Clinton on tape in compromising positions with Monica Lewinsky.

Barr redacted it, according to solid sources, because he did not want to further embarrass Bill. Did he give Trump the same treatment? We sure hope so…


From The Daily Mail: The Mueller report contains redacted material that appears to reference a claim that the Russians intercepted communications of former President Bill Clinton having phone sex with Monica Lewinsky.

The redacted material appears during a description of Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner’s contacts with Dmitri Simes, the CEO of the Center for the National Interest, a think tank that the report describes as having ‘connections to the Russian government.

The report mentions ‘Clinton-related information,’ but obscures additional detail.

During a meeting between the two men on August 17, 2016, Simes ‘provided Kushner the Clinton-related information that he had promised,’ according to the report. That statement is followed by a redaction totaling about three lines of text.

It got blacked out for reasons of ‘Personal Privacy.’ The Justice Department negotiated such redactions with Mueller’s team after special counsel Robert Mueller turned in his report.

The following sentence in the report states: ‘Simes claimed that he had received this information from former CIA and Reagan White House official Fritz Ermarth, who claimed to have learned it from U.S. intelligence sources, not from Russians.’

Simes was born in the former U.S.S.R. and immigrated to the U.S. in the 1970s.

Sources told the Washington Examiner the surrounding material makes it clear what was redacted, and Ermarth, a CIA veteran, said he thinks he told Simes that Clinton’s call with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky was intercepted while the president was flying on Air Force One. He also pushed back on a key detail of what Mueller’s team wrote.

‘The line in the Mueller report that says any of this was based on intelligence information is the product either of faulty remembering by Dimitri or a flawed inference … or a hostile fabrication by the Mueller people,’ he told the publication.

From The Washington Examiner:

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s report mentions a claim that Russians recorded President Bill Clinton having phone sex with White House intern Monica Lewinsky — but the reference was redacted from the version released to the public.

The redaction is likely to anger Republicans, because the allegation has been known since at least 2001 and the Mueller report’s reference to a claim that President Trump watched prostitutes urinating in a Moscow hotel room was not struck out.

Clinton allegedly was recorded by Russia in the 1990s, allowing Russia to learn of the affair before American officials. A reference to the Clinton intercept was redacted from the Mueller report to protect “personal privacy,” but sources told the Washington Examiner that the context makes clear what was blacked out.



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