Judge Pirro Drops Hammer On James Comey, Issues Threat Heard Loud And Clear By Deep State


Judge Jeanine Pirro just struck fear into James Comey’s hapless heart with a blistering opening statement.

She went right at him saying, “the chickens have come home to roost,” referring to the botched attempt to destroy Trump’s presidency.

Pirro went after all the goons on the left and issued a cryptic warning to Comey among others.


“Jim, don’t act so pompous saying we don’t spy,” she said. “That the word should be the human source and act like you didn’t do what you did.

And I don’t care if you call it a spy, human source, intelligent seeker, gather or a ghost — a spy is a spy.

And rose by any other name is still a rose. And by the way, in the first application, that you signed, it says that not only do foreign powers engaged in spying the U.S. to obtain information but that Russia has tried to influence elections since the 1960s.”

“I’ll bet you never tried to wiretap Barack Obama’s campaign,” Pirro continued. “You couldn’t get Barr to recuse himself in your liberal friends couldn’t either.

So, the liberal faculty circus will attempt to destroy him. I got the news. That’s never going to happen.

The days of no accountability and no consequence are over. Jim, history will not work kindly on you.

Bill Barr is everything you are not: a quiet professional, someone who understands that lady justice is blindfolded for a reason. The days of lies and coverups are over. Enjoy your freedom, Jim while you’ve got it,” she added.



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