Hollywood Actor Crosses Red Line, Calls Candace Owens N-Word For Supporting Trump And GOP


A Hollywood goon just crossed society’s red line in a new scandalous attack on black conservative Candace Owens.

Owen has been a frequent target from the left because they absolutely hate it when African Americans tell the truth about how badly the Democrats have treated minority communities.

Oh, what they did to these communities may have been born of good intentions, but as per usual with big government programs, their good intentions quickly got out of control.


So they want to attack the messenger rather than solve the problem. Sad.

From Big League Politics: A washed up Hollywood actor took to Twitter to lambast conservative commentator Candace Owens.

“they will never accept you. they will never think off you as anything but an obedient nigger. you will never be one of them. they see you as a trained animal that does the right tricks. one can only pray you never realize because, if you do, what’s left of your soul will crack,” said Geoffrey Thorne on Twitter.

Thorne was responding to a clip posted by Owens during which discusses the difficulty of being a black conservative. Ironically, Thorne proved her point by insulting her in such a manner.

Thorne is a former actor from the television series “In The Heat of The Night,” which aired from 1988 to 1993. He hasn’t done much since then, except writing for one of the Law & Order spinoffs for one season.

Owens is familiar with brutal attacks from leftists who simply cannot stand the idea of a black, female, conservative. In August, she was chased out of a restaurant by a leftist mob.

Big League Politics reported:

After a weekend of ratcheted up liberal fascism and censorship of conservatives, black conservative firebrand Candace Owens was chased out of a restaurant with Turning Point USA Founder Charlie Kirk this morning.

“F*ck white supremacy,” the protestors chanted, obviously missing the irony.

In between chants, they shrieked, blew whistles, and shouted with a bullhorn in Owens and Kirk’s ears.

Both conservatives handled the situation like champions. Kirk watched with an amused look on his face, as if he knew the video would be viral within second of hitting the internet.



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