Alyssa Milano Exposed As Carpetbagging Fraud By GOP Rep In Georgia (Video)


Alyssa Milano went down to Georgia to drive a weak protest against an abortion bill and ended up getting humiliated by a GOP Rep.

It is standard practice for Hollywood elite’s to insert themselves where they do not belong, such are their huge ego’s, and it always ends badly for them.

See Kathy Griffin, Rosie, Alec Baldwin, and now we can add Milano to the Hollywood hall of shame.

From The Daily Wire: One particular moment from Milano’s legislative protest that was caught on video by a statehouse reporter has gotten some attention online:

Republican State Rep. Dominic LaRiccia asked Milano a question about residency that prompted a rather tense exchange, ending with the actress declaring that LaRiccia was one of the people “trying to vote on what is going on inside my uterus.”

Milano’s protest targets the state’s “LIFE (Living Infants Fairness and Equality) Act” (H.B. 481), which states: “It shall be the policy of the State of Georgia to recognize the presence of a fetal heartbeat as the point of ‘fetal viability,’ creating a compelling state interest to protect ‘the independent essence of the second life’ as an ‘object of state protection’ from abortion,” and to “recognize unborn children as natural persons.” The bill would also not allow an abortion to be performed unless a physician has tested for a heartbeat. Abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected is barred except if a the pregnancy is medically futile, the mother is at serious physical risk, or in cases of rape or incest.

On Tuesday, Milano led about 30 fellow protesters to the statehouse to make sure her voice was heard. It was while she was there that LaRiccia turned to the actress and asked, “What district of Georgia do you vote in?”

“I work in Georgia,” Milano replied.

“Do you vote in Georgia?” LaRiccia asked.

“I don’t vote in Georgia, but there is 30 people outside that do vote in Georgia that I was going to escort in,” she replied.

“But you don’t vote in Georgia?” he asked again.

“Excuse me. Don’t interrupt me,” the actress fired back, completing her thought: “That I was going to escort in, that they wouldn’t let me escort in.”

“So that’s a no, you don’t vote in Georgia?” LaRiccia replied.

“No, but the people that work on my crews, the 90,000 people that the entertainment industry actually employs do,” she said.

After asking for his name, Milano eventually turned to the crowd that was watching the whole exchange and said, “These are the men that are voting on what is going on inside my uterus. This guy right here. This guy.”


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