Roseanne Barr Knocks Alyssa Milano Off High Horse With Blistering Rebuke (Video)


Roseanne Barr is kicking butt and taking names and she will not back down. Instead, she is hitting back at her enemies and the PC bullies out in Hollywood.

Look, when comedians can’t speak truth to power we have a real problem in this country.  From Fox News:

The 66-year-old sat down for a lengthy interview with self-proclaimed hip-hop artist and news analyst An0maly to discuss a slew of topics, starting with the controversy surrounding “Empire” star Jussie Smollett. Barr incorrectly stated that the actor accused of faking a hate-motivated attack to gain publicity has been fired completely from the show before discussing his alleged crimes.


“Could you imagine if he was white?” Barr asked. “And he said he was white and two black guys beat him up? Can you imagine what would happen to that guy?”

The former “Roseanne” star went on to talk about how a culture of identity politics has led to people like her to lose work over a racist tweet, and people like Smollett, who may have committed genuine crimes, to get the same vitriol in the public eye. After advocating for people to be without a political party, she called out one star in particular.

“Alyssa Milano, I just want to say this about her kind of people that allow themselves to be used to hurt other people. When they do wake up all the way, I’m not going to forgive them, and I don’t think any of us should,” Barr said. “It’s either like walk away now or f— off because you’re hurting a lot of people and not thinking and just going along to get along and you thought you’d make a name by hurting other people and you’re not going to be forgiven.”

At the time of Barr’s firing from ABC, Milano, who has become an activist for several left-leaning causes, was one of the many outspoken critics of the comedian.

Despite her harsh words for the former “Charmed” star, Barr’s most heated comments were directed at the Democratic Party when she brought up the topic of America’s southern border and said the left is “going down” over their inaction.

“I’ll say it, all that stuff that’s happening at the border is about trafficking and slavery,” she said. “And if Democrats can’t see that, then they’re collusionary in it. It’s just more proof of how hard they’re going to go down. The more people who are waking up and seeing it… the better.”

She continued: “There’s a lot of darkness in our government, a lot of dark people and they just pick low hanging fruit. And human trafficking and drugs are low hanging fruit. And then they can make a killing on it, literally.”

Barr’s only positive comments were for President Trump, whom she heralded for being tough on banks and the economy.

“He isn’t a Republican, and he’s not a Democrat and it’s something very new that people can’t get their heads around,” she said. “I wish people would read more about how he’s handling the fed and interest rates and how he’s smashing at every level.”



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