Trump Ends Special Privileges For Migrants And AOC’s Furious


President Trump is dealing with a crisis on our border and the Democrats will not lift a finger to help.

No, it is a political win for them to see Trump face this uphill battle alone, regardless of what happens to this great country.

So, Trump will do what he must and due to budget constraints, he just ended many special programs for migrants as they wait for their day in court.


From The Hill: The Trump administration told migrant shelters this week to wind down services — such as legal aid, English classes and recreational activity — that are not directly related to children’s safety.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) said it began instructing grantees this week to begin scaling back or discontinuing awards for activities “that are not directly necessary for the protection of life and safety, including education services, legal services, and recreation.”

Federal officials said the administration’s refugee office is running out of the necessary funds to deal with a massive influx of unaccompanied minors at the southern border.

“Additional resources are urgently required to meet the humanitarian needs created by this influx — to both sustain critical child welfare and release operations and increase capacity,” HHS said.

HHS said ending those services are necessary under the Antideficiency Act, which requires the department to prioritize safety when faced with a funding shortfall.

The department is seeking an emergency appropriation of $2.88 billion to fund its refugee operations. HHS said the program is on pace to run out of funding in the coming weeks, and will need supplemental funding. HHS is legally obligated to direct funding to essential services.

From The Washington Examiner: The decision was detailed in an email a Heath and Human Services official sent to migrant shelters last week, the Washington Post reported. However, federal court settlement and state licensing requirements mandate that minors in federal custody receive education and recreation.

The email said the government would not fund the programs retroactive to May 22.

More than 40,000 unaccompanied minors have been under the care of Health and Human Services after illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border this year. The number is a 57% increase from the previous year.

While held at the shelters, the children attend school and participate in recreational activities, such as soccer and other sports.

“What are you going to do all day?” a shelter employee told the Post. “If you’re not going to have any sort of organized recreation or physical activity, what are you going to do, just let them sit in their rooms?”



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