Attorney General Bill Barr Embarrasses Reporter Who Asked Gotcha Question About Trump


The media and their friends in the Democratic party are freaking out that Trump just got cleared by Bill Barr.

Try as they might they cannot make the witch hunt real and they should be ashamed. To that end, a hapless reporter tried to trap Bill Barr with a gotcha question.

Instead, Barr turned the tables and embarrassed the reporter. From The Federalist Papers:

Democrats are officially losing their minds right now. Folks, Trump Derangement Syndrome is very, very real.

During this morning’s press conference, Attorney General Barr totally owned a reporter who just can’t give up on the Russian collusion conspiracy.

BARR: …So I’m not sure what your basis is for saying I am being ‘generous’ to the president.

REPORTER: You face an unprecedented situation. It just seems that there is a lot of effort to go out of your way to acknowledge how this will….

BARR: Well is there another precedent for it?

REPORTER: No, but it’s unusual…

BARR: Ok so unprecedented is an accurate description isn’t it?

REPORTER: Yes but…


From The Right Scoop:

These reporters who hate Trump are beclowning themselves this morning.

One such reporter actually accused Barr in his press conference of protecting the president, also saying he was being ‘generous’ to Trump. It did not go well for her. …

She still proceeded to ask Barr how he responds to criticism that he’s trying to protect the president, but he just ignored her and went to the next question.

And that my friends is what a true statesman looks like. I’m really liking Barr a lot these days!


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