Jim Jordan Issues Ominous Warning To Deep State


Jim Jordan was on Sean Hannity’s show last night and issued an ominous warning to the deep state actors who are out to get Trump.

Jordan said they framed Trump in an explosive segment that also included Greg Jarrett and John Solomon who defended Trump and exposed some deep state shenanigans.

From The Federalist Papers: Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan is among those who believe that people including former FBI Director James Comey could find themselves in prison.

The representative appeared on Fox news on Thursday, along with Greg Jarrett and John Solomon, and told Sean Hannity that a day of reckoning is coming for the deep state.

“If America has a equal under the law system a special counsel into the Clinton’s crimes that were rigged will be appointed by the new attorney general immediately. And, of course, while the FBI gave Hillary a free pass, Mueller’s special counsel investigation into the Trump campaign, that was tainted, we now know, from the get-go,” Hannity said.

“Donald Trump. We know Hillary paid for this. She used DNC money she was controlling to pay for this. The FBI paid for this, sadly. And we also know Russian oligarchs paid for this phony dossier that Steele doesn’t stand by. Now John’s story. Legally, let’s talk about the ramifications,” Hannity said.

“We knew it all along, right? We knew that Carter Page had not conclude colluded with anybody.ad we knew the dossier was phony. We knew that George Papadopoulos hadn’t done anything wrong. Now we know the FBI truly knew all of this through their confidential informant. The law requires them to provide the FISA court with any exculpatory evidence and failing to do so can be a crime,” he said.

“Not only that, but they didn’t verify as the law requires the information they were submitting so, you know, in my judgment, and I identify it in the book, six different felonies may have occurred there,” he said.

“Remember, they didn’t tell the court the dossier was unverified. They didn’t tell the court who paid for it, namely the Clinton campaign. Didn’t tell the court Christopher Steele, the guy who wrote it, was desperate that Trump not win. Didn’t tell the court that Christopher Steele fired by the FBI for leaking information,” Rep. Jordan said.

“Now because of John’s reporting, they didn’t tell the court other exculpatory information about George Papadopoulos. That’s a lot not to share with a secret court, especially when you are getting a warrant to go spy on the other party’s campaign. But that is exactly what they did and that’s why you are so right!” he said.

Hannity asked the panel is new Attorney General Bill Barr would appoint a new special counsel which would lead to a “day of reckoning” for many members of the deep state and they all agreed that it was coming.


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