Tucker Carlson Trashes Sell Out GOP, Praises Liz Warren: “She sounds like Donald Trump at his best”


Tucker Carlson came out firing last night and his target was the GOP. He issued a stern warning to the GOP, blasting their inability to defend US workers because they’re in servitude to the Koch Brothers, corporatism & libertarian economic theory.

He then went on to praise Liz Warren’s economic patriotism plan and he is not wrong either. He reminded the GOP that “she sounds like Donald Trump at his best.”

From Axios: Fox News host Tucker Carlson praised 2020 Democratic candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s “economic patriotism” plan during his Wednesday show, quoting the policy at length before saying “she sounds like Donald Trump at his best.”


The big picture: Carlson emphasized that he believes most Republicans would agree with the elements of Warren’s proposal that deal with “creating and defending good American jobs,” saying that many of her policies “make obvious sense.”

Yes, but: Carlson also described the Massachusetts senator as a “race-hustling, gun-grabbing abortion extremist.”

He also neglected to mention the environmental aspects of Warren’s “Green Manufacturing Plan,” which largely focuses on using American manufacturing and jobs to develop the technology needed to power the Green New Deal.

What he said during his segment:

“She says the US government should buy American products when it can. And of course it should. She says we need more workplace apprenticeship programs because four-year college degrees aren’t right for everyone. Well, that’s true. She says that taxpayers ought to benefit from the research and development that they pay for. …

She sounds like Donald Trump at his best!”



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