Chuck Grassley Finds Deep State Leaker, Goes Public


Chuck Grassley is on a hunt for justice and he will not quit until the job is done. He has been digging through emails and other evidence and what he is discovering is disturbing.

Chuck just caught the deep state leaker and exposed them for all the world to see. He uses Peter Strzok own words to prove his assumptions and in that way makes them immune to criticism.

He also discovered some code words that he wants to be deciphered so he can finally put all the pieces together of what happened during the 2016 election.


But from what Chuck has already released, we know it looks very bad for certain parts of the deep state. From The Daily Caller:

Peter Strzok suspected CIA employees were behind inaccurate leaks to the press regarding possible Trump campaign contacts with Russia, according to an email the former FBI counterintelligence official sent to colleagues in April 2017.

“I’m beginning to think the agency got info a lot earlier than we thought and hasn’t shared it completely with us.”

“Might explain all these weird/seemingly incorrect leads all these media folks have. Would also highlight agency as source of some of the leaks,” Strzok wrote in an email to FBI colleagues on April 13, 2017.

The email is highlighted in a letter that two Republican senators sent Monday to Michael K. Atkinson, the inspector general of the intelligence community.

In the letter, Sens. Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin asked Atkinson if he has investigated whether the CIA or other intelligence community agencies leaked information to the press.

They pointed to a Dec. 15, 2016 text message that Strzok, the lead investigator on the Trump-Russia probe, sent to then-FBI attorney Lisa Page.

“Think our sisters have begun leaking like mad. Scorned and worried and political, they’re kicking in to overdrive,” Strzok wrote Page.

Strzok was removed from the special counsel’s investigation in July 2017, after the messages were discovered as part of an inspector general’s investigation into the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email probe. He was fired on Aug. 13, 2018.

Strzok, who was having an affair with Page, was a lead investigator on both the email investigation and the Trump-Russia inquiry.

“These texts and emails raise a number of serious questions and concerns,” Grassley and Johnson wrote in their letter to Atkinson.

They are asking Atkinson to provide more information about the “sisters” and why they would have started leaking.

Read the full letter here.



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