Ken Starr Finds Skeleton In Hillary’s Closet, Goes Public And Ruins What’s Left of Her Reputation


It a stunning admission, Ken Starr finally comes clean about Hillary Clinton and it’s not good. The queen of mean is worse than anyone previously imagined. if that is possible.

Ken Starr revealed that he buried key information from his final report because he wanted to spare Hillary the shame and pain of blaming her in such a public way.

But Starr admitted her horrible treatment was the trigger that pushed the man over the edge. Ron wrote:

“Ken Starr purposefully left out the finding that Hillary Clinton had ‘triggered’ the suicide of President Clinton’s Deputy White House Counsel in his final FBI report to spare her feelings, can reveal.

FBI agents investigating the death of Vince Foster learned he was set off after Hillary attacked and humiliated him in front of other White House aides a week before he took his own life on July 20, 1993.

But for what were then unexplained reasons, Starr elected to conceal the FBI’s finding that Hillary’s tirade triggered Foster’s suicide when he wrote his final report on the matter.

At a reception for authors participating in the 2019 Annapolis Book Festival last weekend,  I asked Starr why he omitted the damaging FBI finding.

At first, he beat around the bush, citing well-established facts indicating that Foster was already depressed before Hillary lashed into him at the White House meeting.

But when pressed, Starr admitted he ‘did not want to inflict further pain’ on Hillary by revealing that her humiliation of Foster a week before he took his own life pushed him over the edge.

In interviews for my book The First Family Detail, the FBI agents who worked the case for Starr revealed the truth about Foster’s death when he shot himself at Fort Marcy Park along the Potomac River.

‘Hillary put him down really, really bad in a pretty good-size meeting,’ Copeland said. ‘She told him he didn’t get the picture, and he would always be a little hick town lawyer who was obviously not ready for the big time.’

‘Foster was profoundly depressed, but Hillary lambasting him was the final straw because she publicly embarrassed him in front of others,’ said Clemente, who, like Copeland, was speaking about the investigation for the first time.

‘Hillary blamed him for failed nominations, claimed he had not vetted them properly, and said in front of his White House colleagues,

”You’re not protecting us” and ”You have failed us,” Clemente said. ‘That was the final blow,”” he added.

Kessler goes on to say that many were angry with Starr for burying that part of the report as there were multiple conspiracy theories floating around at the time that were difficult to put down.

Of course, it would have been easy for most Americans to believe Hillary would treat the little people with such disdain that one could be pushed over the edge.


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